Raising Consciousness on Cannabis through Literature

Epiphanies Whilst High Out of One’s Mind is a collection of creative nonfiction essays seeking to entertain and educate in an era of marijuana law reform. The title provides an intensely personal narrative of a cannabis user, recounting adolescent experimentation, over-consumption, altered states of consciousness, and addiction – all peppered with practical and scientific information.


Back Cover Copy:

Love, weed, and a love-hate affair with weed.
Terra undergoes a peculiar struggle in her youth: to try to enjoy pot.
For years at the behest of her pothead friends and lovers, she tries and fails to smoke up and like it; until one shining day, she experiences marijuana’s enhancement of abstract thinking, bestowing upon her a new perspective on life, love, and everything in between.


“Writing should be about honest revelation of the soul and that [H.T. Yim] does completely.”
San Francisco Book Review

“Highly entertaining.”
The Weed Blog

“A solid contemporary look at the benefit of recreational cannabis use.”
The Hemp Connoisseur

“A cute and clever collection of a stoner’s inner-most thoughts and break-through revelations while high.”
Stuff Stoners Like

“Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.”
–Hail Mary Jane

“Fascinating detail both on the pleasant and unsavoury aspects of the drug.”
–Alex Stargazer

“I learned quite a bit about cannabis and the etiquette of smoking it.”
–Sage Adderley

“Her insights are well-thought, her writing impeccable, and the descriptions of her experiences full of color and complexity.”

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Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One's MindEpiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind

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ratings: 20 (avg rating 4.15)
Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One's Mind



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