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The Underlying Feminist Symbolism in ‘Ex Machina’

A most glorious Tuesday, with a highly anticipated film, half-price tickets, an assortment of munchies, and wonderful company – all while stoned out of my mind. I pass through the doors into the darkness of the theatre, not knowing quite what to expect yet looking forward to it all the same, by virtue of the […]

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‘Does Binge-Watching Make Us Depressed? Good Question’

The most recent findings on binge-watching associated people who binge on television with depression, loneliness and an inability to control their behavior. Eyes on the tiny glowing screen, I bit back laughter, snickering. Of the 316 people who answered an online survey, the article continued, 237 met the researcher’s definition of binge-watching. They were more […]

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On Sex

(WARNING: Contains spoilers on Netflix Original Marco Polo) Above a rolling green plain through an azure sky, a falcon soared. Thousands of feet beneath its tapered wings, cold steel ripped through flesh and bone, its pointed end glimmering red in the sunlight. The Mongol lord pulled his slightly curved sword free from his brother’s chest. […]

Winter in St. Paul

Winter vs. Summer

The world was covered in a blanket of white. The rain that had poured down during the previous two days of unusually warm weather was now frozen, sheathing everything in nearly half an inch of ice, and the snowfall that had followed added the finishing touch, lightly dusting the frozen substance with a layer of […]

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