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Let’s Talk About Drugs: A Letter to Future Offspring

To my dearest children Wilhelm and/or Lyra,

(Yes, your names were determined prior to the remote possibility of your conception.)

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Marijuana Legalization and Why it Matters

‘Young people, I understand this is important to you, but you should be thinking about climate change, the economy, jobs, war and peace – maybe way at the bottom you should be thinking about marijuana.’ Listening to President Obama’s words, I bristled in mild offence. And for the next few months brooded, as brooders tend […]

Love Sonnet to Mary Jane

Mary Jane, my muse – no simple flower Bestows a light, a clear and different view When answers hide in vex’d times and dark hours, And casts fresh sight, the old told now anew.   Sweet lady love, her arms offer respite; She soothes stone shoulders at each week’s long end. High I soar – on journeys […]

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How Cannabis Could End a North American Epidemic

Yet another way in which medicinal cannabis could save lives: as a substitute for painkillers. Opioid overdose has been described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a growing epidemic. And contrary to lingering stereotypes, death by overdose on opiates isn’t exclusive to recreational use of illicit substances. Victims include patients who gradually […]


A Distinction on Cannabis: Relatively Harmless vs. Relatively Less Harmful

Following the debate on cannabis, two general tendencies can be observed of opponents and proponents: of the first to cast marijuana as a dangerous and immoral substance, prescribing prohibition; and of the latter to herald its medicinal benefits and relative safety in comparison to the legally and socially acceptable substances of alcohol (ethanol) and tobacco, […]

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Cannabis and Non-Affective Psychotic Disorders

The literature on the relationship between marijuana use and psychosis has been best described by Time magazine in 2010: it’s complicated. Various studies have attempted to investigate the connection between the two variables to rather confounding results, including “circumstantial evidence” that individuals afflicted by schizophrenia are more likely to abuse drugs including cannabis and that […]

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A Subjective Comparison of Cannabis and Tobacco

With a steady increase in the number of governments implementing marijuana law reform into their political agendas, it is only natural that cannabis be compared to alcohol and cigarettes. As with any pot enthusiast, I rejoice in reading research findings that indicate the relative safety of marijuana in contrast to the socially and legally acceptable substances of ethanol […]

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